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Welcome to Voices for Children in Therapy


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A while ago, I did a fundraiser for Friends of Children in Therapy (FOCIT). It was a pop and water sale. FOCIT is an organization through Arlington Pediatric Therapy (APT). Now, changes in government laws have discontinued it. FOCIT was an organization that gives scholarships to families who cannot afford therapeutic services to improve the lives of children receiving therapeutic services in Northwest suburban Chicago by having the therapy and/or equipment they need.


Right now we are starting to raise money for these two pieces of equipment:

  1. wheelbarrow

  2. crash mat

and we are also raising money to establish a scholarship for therapy services. ​

 My goal to afford the equipment is $300, but we can use it to set up a scholarship the more we get.


I wanted another fundraiser for them during the summer that was safe regarding Covid, so I am making a website to accept donations for things FOCIT used to do where people can donate money in exchange for my time recording my voice for the organization VOCALiD. VOCALiD is an organization that synthesizes artificial intelligent-voice personas that reflects the unique personalities of brands and individuals through having more realistic voices on communication devices, such as the DynaVox. Also, it will tell people who want to help the cause how to volunteer using their voices on the website.

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